• Model Classic

    It is very common and is popular type of stairs – stairs built on the bowstrings. Outwardly, they are very similar to Saddle stairs, but in this case no meetings are attached above, and the inside of the beams. As the supporting structures stairs on bowstrings usually used metal profiled products or wooden boards.
  • Model Vanguard

    Stairs often called self-supporting. Steps of stairs on one side attached to the wall, which can be made of brick, concrete beams, rails. On the other side stair rails firmly attached to the railing and connected to each other. Such mounting almost not noticeable visually stairs as suspended in the air. Features of this design can create easy, “air” ladder for home or office, which are nonetheless very strong and stable (one step 500-600 kg to withstand a load) not obscure the room, adds a note of elegance in design.

  • Model Modern

    Saddle stairs are considered the most popular type. Saddle is a component of the main support beam of a flight of stairs, which are attached to the stage. These stairs are not only very beautiful, but also comfortable. Saddle stairs look fundamentally and thoroughly, and it’s not just the outside. These stairs are very reliable and are perhaps the most durable. Saddle stairs ideal for large spaces that have no special restrictions in planning. They create an atmosphere of prosperity, stability and respectability, so they prefer to have mostly old lovers of classic interior.